Friday, April 8, 2011

How rude you are!

I hate you!

not because you're my enemy or whatsoever,  just simply because you're so annoying! I hate to mention this but I think I should have to! why should you asking me to be your girlfriend but then its just only a day I happened to approve you on Facebook.

I don't know why should you ask a girl to date you or to be your special one. For me personally I hate the idea of tackle a girl by using social networking. seriously, i'm not that beautiful, i'm just photogenic. don't tell me that you fall in love with me just because you already viewed all my pictures then praise me, chat with me, lastly you wanted me, ohh gosh its so rude ok! obviously you're blinded by my look only. what if my pictures are all fake? what is your reaction then?  If you are 'REAL' man you should come here,  face to face and tell me your feeling straights away.

why should you didn't believe that I'm single.. yes I'm single!! that is!! why should you never understand.
Ohh so if i'm single, you want me to be your gf then without no hesitate I should just accept you like that on the facebook? how simple life now ya.. without much effort, I can be your gf within a second!

should we just be friends? argghhh that was the most painful words uh? but sometimes its works but then later that particular guy said that I'm arrogant, hampeh, "trep jak banyak", "muka baik2 tapi hati jahat"  and lots of nasty and unpleasant wors which makes me so tense!  why should you throw that kind of words to me?? i'm just being straighforward here..why should you get angry? just because I didn't accept you in a good way or you want me to be more harsh or rude in order to make you to get the real idea??  ahhhhhhh! whatever! I know that i'm arrogant, hampeh, trep, hati jahat! yeaaa i knew it! what else ar?? just speak out here!! aishhhhh

I don't know why I faced this kind of situation almost everyday, I'm not trying to be arrogant, proud or whatsoever! this is just the things that wanted to say. but its kinda tiring because I should face this kind of situation over and over again. I did not mention this thing on Facebook because luckily I consider you and my friends's perceptions towards me if I post something related to this situation on facebook. Just imagine what people would say about me??

hey you! I beg you don't torture me! please let me live my my life happily..should you stop this insaneness right now please? THANK YOU

                                                                                                                                         Faridah Zulkifli


  1. truly it's really annoying. even i got this once, and straight away, i blocked THEM!

  2. what sis block that person? that's a brilliant idea! but then I rarely block people. pity them ba :) unless that person does really annoying.

  3. What matters most is your feelings. Learn to say 'NO' to these fans of yours.

  4. yeah that is true. I should learn to say NO to them.

    waaa thanx you guys for the advices. I do really appreciate it :)

  5. bnyak peminta jo...Awekkk cUn bha NIy

  6. like this entry...ko sakap sama dia, jadi anak jantan barang purpose dlm fb

  7. hehheheh tq2 coz like :)

    hahaha agak la ba aq maw ckp bgitu tp xpa cdagan yg bgus hehe :P