Friday, April 22, 2011

happily ever after eh?

since my tender age, I dreamed almost everything. But, the thing that I remember the most is I really wanted to be is a princess. I would stay in my castle and the only thing I do is only to wait for my prince charming. 

sometimes, I just wanted to be just like Cinderella because she already went through lots of obstacle in order to be with her prince charming. Its just so funny because me myself didn't find out the answer, influenced by fairy tales I guess.

but then as I grow older, I've learned that its so tough in order to be with the one that you always wanted to be. now I realized that our life is not simple as in those fairy tales. its just so funny if you demanded your life to be one of those in fairy tales. 

before this, I've fallen in love with someone that I wished to be mine. moments with him were the most happiest moment in my life. I don't know why ever since I knew him I felt like i'm in my own fairy tale. He was the prince and I was the princess of course. I've never met someone as caring, loving, and charming like him. I love him so much. He was my everything. I still remember our sweet promises.

we already sketch our future life, I just believe him so much. believe that he will be mine and I'll be him. Just the two of us. I was too happy. I was too innocent. I was too fool that I believe him that much until he play with my heart. please, my heart is just too fragile. Once I love you means I'll you forever. FOREVER understand? 

now I realized that those fairy tales would not exist in real life except some fairy tale like "The Little Mermaid". Even though I'm not your Cinderella at least I'm your Little Mermaid that willing to sacrificed herself by turning into unimportant bubbles so that you'll live your life happily ever after with the one that you love the most.    


  1. Huhu. We're still learning as we're immature in our thoughts. This is just beginning of the future. Even in this love matter, I can't say no to fairy-tale-like-love-stories. Still dreaming of it. :D

  2. you believe in fairy tales? ok2 keep on dreaming k..hehe one fine day u'll find your prince charming :)

  3. Thanx predictor..same goes with you k :)