Saturday, January 29, 2011

sick of love games!


hye guys how was your day? I hope you're fine as usual. sorry guys its been a few days I've not update my blog..sorry for that reason..

well today I just wanted to tell something about love. heheehe sounds creepy right? for a past few days someone had asking me about my status which is am I single or not? ok! so I've made up my mind to share about it in this entry.

actually, I'm single! hahhahaa funny right? someone like me should have been in  any relationship right? but sorry guys for me, I don't want to be in any relationship because it is too scary. I'm afraid to be in any of those! it is too creepy ok! hahaha some of you may think I'm insane because refuse to feel the kind of situation which someone could protect me, someone could be there when I needed him, or be free to share my feeling and be someone that I could lean on. But sorry I'm not believe any of those. It just only one reason because I'm just a girl with broken heart. I'm tired and sick of love's  games.

Before this, I used to be a girl that demanded someone that "perfect" inside out. funny right? well yeah I'm that type of girl. Being that kind of girl makes me freely always wish someone to date me. hahhahaa! seriously all those guy happened to ask me first. I'm happy to be that kind of girl until a stage that I've found out that I'm fallen in love for the first time, and from that moment I promised myself to be faithful and never be the type of girl before anymore. Let me call him X, I've been dating with X for almost 6 month.. and I swear that was the most lovely 6 month that I've spent with anyone else, I means with someone that called himself a bf. I love everything that connected and associated with him. I love him damn much and I faithfully believe in him. Believe that I'm the most important person until a stage that I realized that I love X until he became my one and only priority. For example, when I went back to my hometown I would spent lots of time with him. dating of course.

but then he cheat on me. he already found someone that is better than me. gosh what about with all our promises??. when I asked X the reason why he wants to break off with me he left me with unreasonable answer. later I've found out he had found my replacement within a week! gosh that is the most excruciating fact! after managed to deal with the situation I came with my senses. its just too fool when you cry for someone that won't cry for you. I finally realized that X might be my prince charming but I'm not her Cinderella, he might be the lovely prince but I'm not his snow white, he might be the caring prince of the sea yet I'm not his mermaid because I'm just a girl with a broken heart.
finally realized that my fairytale was never existed.  I'm thankful to X because made me realize that I'm just too young for love or whatsoever because there plenty of things that I should focus on more.

Its not that I wanted to be single in my whole life. I prefer dating after marriage that is more better. Its up to you to judge me whether I'm old-fashioned or whatsoever.

I just wanted someone that could appreciate me just the way I'm. I believe one fine day that special one would came into my life. like malay proverb "jodoh pertemuan di tangan Tuhan" I believe there is someone that was meant for me.

and I'll keep waiting....


  1. *The ideas untangle smoothly through your new writing style, I could feel you better this way. :))

    Set your standard high, because you aren't like some other girls. You're beautiful, and you're thoughtful. Don't lower down your status for the sake of love. After all, you're young. You have many choices, and as you said, you deserve the best out of the men you meet in your immediate environment.

  2. thanx for being so supportive. like I mentioned before that I will improve more on my next entry..

    I do agree with you but then, I just wanted to focus more on other things that are more important than this kind of matter :)

  3. yes i definitely agree! it's good that you came to your senses. you don't have to go searching for love. let love come to you! klu ade jodoh xkan kemana:)


  4. absolutely! yes kalau ada jodoh xkn kemana :)
    thanx kak Aishah for your view.. I do really appreciate it..

    Thanx again.. :)