Saturday, December 10, 2011

Korean celebrities look alike

Hi there lovely people!

While I was watching a Korean variety show suddenly, I was wondering why some of Korean celebrities  do look like twins so, I decided to share it here!

 enjoy the pictures to the max guys! :)

Rain and Junho 2PM

Hongki and Mir Mblaq

Amber f(x) and Jonghyun Shinee

Park Shin Hye and Yoon Eun Hye

Jeong Eui Cheol and Kyuhyun SUJU

Daesung Big Bang and Minzi 2NE1

Kim Hyun joong and  Bae Yong Joon

Hyoyeon SNSD and Song Hye Kyo

Choi minho Shinee and Lee Tae Sung

Hyomin T-ara and Jessica SNSD

Nickhun 2PM and Moon Geun Young

Yoona SNSD and Krystal f(x)

Here are the other examples that I have edited. They look like twins, am I right? 

Yoona and Yuri SNSD

G.O Mblaq and Key Shinee

Yesung SUJU and Lee Jun Ki

Lee Tae Hee and Park Ji Yeon

Sung Yuri and Jang Na-ra

Chansung 2PM and Heechul SUJU

Kim Jaewon and Eunhyuk SUJU

Top Big Bang and Kangin SUJU

G Dragon and Kibum

Donghae Suju and Kim Jeong Hoon

Lee Minho and Onew Shinee

Guys, do comment and share your info if there are more examples of Korean celebrities that look like twins.  Thanx btw. :)


  1. You're so detail, and so true! And I could see your effort in combining the pix. They're so good, should advertise it at blogserius@

  2. abg im: thanx! i'm so touch..Thanx again for the compliment and for being a regular commenter here :)

    anyway how to register and what are the benefits?:)

  3. sis~! nice combinations there~

    oh ya, song junggi and onew are also alike if u notice... also, if u take a look of kim jung hoon, i think u will see the similarity with lee jang woo... weeee~ anyway, i enjoy looking the pics~ ^_^Y

  4. nad: waaa such a good info there..well kim jeong hoon and lee jang woo are like twins!

    anyway, thanx dear for enjoying the pics! :)

  5. thanx shidi :)

    Welcome to my site and have a great time here! :D

  6. How about Son Ye Jin and Ha Ga In???

  7. nice one Liyana. Yeah personally I think they're alike. Totally! :)

  8. onew and lee min ho are not look alike....they are totally different...

  9. memang ler sama . dah pergi surgeon sama . lol

  10. I personally think that Chanyeol from EXO looks like Lee Tae Sung.