Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 Resolutions

1. Stay positive

To be positive at all time is actually my ultimate goal in 2013. I have to remind myself million times everyday in order to be positive as I frequently unaware of my own actions. Sometimes, I was too tensed on certain problems that I faced. Too emo on certain obstacles. My mind was filled with those negative thoughts.       Thus, I urgently have to throw and wash away those thoughts. Seriously I extremely need to infuse the positivity inside of me since its is the solution of almost every problems. To be healthy doesn't mean that you are healthy physically but to be healthy emotionally from the inside. That is the basic foundation. isn't it?  

2. Be grateful

We used to grumble. complained and commented all the actions and things that should have happened in the first place. None of us manage to get away from complaining. Same goes to me, the same old routine. If something happened beyond my control, I perpetually grumbling maybe not verbally but I'm pro in grumbling emotionally haha. Hence, I should have learnt to be grateful. I should bear in my mind that there are people whose having hard times and do suffer a lot or maybe even worse I can't endure.  Be grateful.  Be grateful. Be grateful.

3. Stop compare yourself with the others

We often compered ourselves with the others as we also wanted to be like them. like to do exactly the same things as they did and to feel the same ways as theirs. I used to compare myself with the others. Sometimes, I did felt small and invisible which I didn't played a major part in anyone's life. Only an extra of certain drama. Therefore, I used to see others's strengths conversely I abandoned my own so called special traits. Comparing yourselves with the others will cause you to feel down and lower our self esteem. Do remember that! 

4. Save! save! save! 

Save what? money of course. This is the most frustrated one. This is actually past years resolution.The thought of saving Ended up with interminable promises. It was pathetic. Especially if you are so called shopaholic type. 

5. Stay focus 

I'm easily distracted person. I take things for granted. Especially so called insignificant things. So, according to my own dictionary, I won't focus on that small matters. but from previous experiences that small matter will lead to major one. duhh~  #epic fail. Ok then. I shall stay focus from today onward.

6. Be independent

I may not relying too much on people. Maybe not too much a little I guess hahaha. Anywy, I wanted to be more independent.. Yes! yes! yes! :D

InshaAllah I will achieve my new year resolutions. Wish me luck guys  :)

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