Monday, January 30, 2012

My grammar sucks? stop stalking my blog then!

past few weeks an anonymous commented my entry saying this:


Dear shameless anon,

I was so damn speechless when I saw this "epic" comment. Oh gosh you are so rude anon.  Yes I absolutely aware that my grammar is not that good and maybe not as expert as you. Yeah my English is just passable but hey so what? I knew I'm a future English teacher and you know what anon even though I'm a Tesl major didn't  mean that I should have already master English especially  grammar. 5 years studying mean I have 5 years to improve myself espeacially on grammar. learning is a process sayang oi.. plus, hello !! I'm not  a native speaker okay!  and the most important thing is this is my site, my blog and my own space thus, I have my own right to write whatever I want here. mind your own biz ok?

enough here I don't want to create a negative atmosphere. one more friendly message from me just stay away from my blog ok! no need to stalk my blog again yala my grammar sucks kan.. So stop stalking me..ok bye!


  1. eya sabar jak nie von..even aku panas gila skarang hahahaha! :)

  2. chillax... pluss... the English world is now trying not to use the term 'native speaker' as they're moving towards the use of 'expert, good English speaker' and so on... n ur right... u got 5 years to fact, this life is actually a platform for everybody to learn so it's an ongoing process. Since we'll be teaching English as a SECOND language, inshaAllah, it's okay for us to make mistakes. Even the the so-called 'natives' as u've referred to earlier aren't that good at all...believe me... so... ignore this 'annoying anonymous'... Haters gonna hate... :)

  3. 'this life is actually a platform for everybody to learn so it's an ongoing process' nice one. like it to the max! :) Indeed its an ongoing process and still got plenty of time to improve. Thanx for your kind and inspirational words which are undeniably made my day :)

    anywy, thanx for stopping by here dear senior indeed its such an honour :D