Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On life lessons

Have you ever wondered if unpredictable and unexpected thing will be happening in your life. Perhaps that unpredictable thing is happening to you right or you already went through that kind of thing in your life. My dad is actually not that well now. He is just too old I guess that's why he is suffering from lots of diseases. undeniably this is the most unexpected thing that my family and I had to accept.

Dad is a strong and tough guy. Me myself did not expect to see him like that. My previous  holiday was spent in the hospital. Most of the time.  Alhamdulillah dad was discharged a week before I return back to college. His condition was much more better now. The first week in the college made me really gloomy. Unpleasant feelings were all over me. It just unexplainable feelings were I felt that some parts of me were left at home.

Lots of things happening in my life recently. However, everything happens for a reason. indeed. I just stick to it and yes I do believe it.

The fresh new semester has been started. I want to stay positive like just the way I am before.  Remain modest is the best way too I guess. One more thing I just wanted is to be aware of my words. Avoid harsh words because people might get hurt. The most crucial thing is Allah loves me and one thing for sure, Allah will be always be with the one that does believe in him.  :)
InsyaAllah. Amin.

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  1. how bad i am as a friend. at those hard time you faced, you faced it alone without someone to lean on..how could i let you be alone during that time..ah..I just like..no..I should just hit myself..I hate myself now for being such terrible friend of you..I am sorry..only those word and regretful tears that came out from me..I know you don't need it..but I'm really sorry for leaving you alone.......