Friday, February 4, 2011

my dream guy

for this entry I would like to share my one and only dream boy..

of course  la korean :P

like my previous entry I've mentioned that I love Korean damn much! haha 

choi minho :)
well choi minho is a member of boy band SHINee.. I like them damn much!! gosh seriously! 

 cinca gwiyeon!

cute cute cute!


I'm freakin' and extremely crazy about them! yaaa ofcoz they are totally cute and stylish fuh!

ok this is my oppa! choi minho <3 


well guys as you can see how cute my oppa is! hahhaha actually this is my dream guy. Maybe some of you say that ofcoz he is my dream boy because he is damn handsome and cute right?? hahahaha! yaaa that is one of the criteria. But then, I like him more then any other korean star because he is taciturn, you see he is the only member of SHINee that not talk so much compare the other members.

Moreover, I like him so much because he got such a lovely smile....

nice smile <3

for me, the way you smile is just enough to make someone to fall for you. isn't? 

besides that, the superior reason that I like him so much is that because he is the type of guy that loves baby very much..waaaa! he is sooooo my type!!! 

so, is there someone here that love baby like him just let me know ok hahhahah!

so if you got all those stated criteria please don't makes me wait for so long hahahaha! :P

*choi minho oppa you are so my ideal type of guy! oppa do cinca cuahea..cinca2 saranghae..oppa fighting <3 <3 <3



  1. If Tun Mahathir knew how far Orientals influence would be, he wouldn't initiate the 'Look East Policy.' Haha

    Ps. You look like a Korean yourself.

  2. I'm like a Korean?? am i dreaming?

  3. hahaha my first time someone called me like a Korean..

  4. sis~! u're also a fan of SHINee???
    waaaaa~ this is cool~!
    i adore them~! [giggle] have you watched SHINee Hello Baby??

  5. yup i'm the craziest fan!

    that's great!!! you can adore them but don't take away my oppa ok! you can have the others hahaha!!

    p.s: haven't watch :(

  6. hihi~ don't worry sis~ i won't take minho oppa away from you...i prefer onew oppa instead... :D

    p/s. you have to watch the whole show, of course online, but it's worth for spare times. the baby with minho has been shinee's 'little son'. that baby looks alike minho himself... :D

  7. well I know you won't hehhe thanx ya...I already watched it! kinda cute la minho and that baby.. ah wish I'm that baby..hahhaha! :P