Wednesday, February 9, 2011

can I cry?

Dear diary,

lately I've been through lots of problem. Frankly, I hate this situation and feeling! mama said don't ever cry over the small thing and the most important thing is crying  actually symbolize loserness. Since then, I would always force myself not to cry. "Be tough girl, big girl don't cry ok"! so, if you cry easily means that you are a loser? but, who cares! for me, is one of the remedies that could makes me feel more calm. yet, its very effective ok! 

gosh I didn't know what to do, I just fell hopeless, with all those problem i'm facing right now I didn't think any other way to overcome it . I just can't stop this thing from flowing!!!!  what happened with my 20l1 wishlist? I wished that I could be a tough girl that could confront all the obstacles and challenges in my life.. 

my friends said that i'm a cheerful person that would always smile even though I'm in misery. I admit I good at this kind of thing but, until when should I pretending that I'm ok?? I'm  a woman and its normal if I'm SENSITIVE. so why can't I cry?

mama sorry for letting you down even though I'm grown up already but then I still can't overcome challenges and obstacles in front of me..

so, can I cry now?



  1. If you want to cry, I suggest you not to cry alone. Find somebody who would hear you. Pray you'll get better. :))

    "The survey also revealed that criers who received social support during their crying episode were the most likely to report improvements in mood."

    *Cry Me A River: The Psychology Of Crying. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 9, 2011, from­ /releases/2008/12/081217123831.htm

  2. thanx for your advice. That article is very helpful...

    thanx again :)