Monday, February 28, 2011

what a shame!


sorry guys its been a long time I didn't update my blog. Actually, there are numerous things that I've to catch up. BIG, assignments, notes, MQA arghhh those things make me crazier!!

Haahhaha! ok we just skip that part.. just direct to my point because  those things have nothing to do with this entry..

ok then, come to the serious part. Actually, I was so ashamed of myself..because of what? because I don't master any of my mom and dad language. so sad right?? i knew it :(

I'm a mixed blood girl. My dad is a Sulu, origin from Philippine while, my mom is a bugis. you know what? I don't master either one of the languages even to communicate fluently, I just happen to  understand the language but don't know how to speak.

Few days ago,my relative from Philippine happened to add me as a friend in Facebook. I was so excited because we're able to communicate even we're far away from each other. but then, even we're connected already at Facebook yet I felt down because most of the time he uses Filipino..its kinda upset me because i'm not that fluent when it comes to that language. Still we could chat by using English thank god!  my cousin himself is able to speak that fluent compare with me the one that older than him arrrrghhhhh what a shame!

I wish I could learn that both languages but,  is it not too late already?
or can I just learn now!!!


  1. No wonder you're beautiful. But people admire you more because you remain modest. Well, you still have a long way to learn the language.

  2. ya I agree with you but then, I always bear in mind that its been to late for me to learn the language as i grow older, older and older :(