Tuesday, March 1, 2011

my new look


Today was a lovely day. Guess what? because I was wearing my new and suddenly became my favorite shawl already hahahhah! Have I ever mentioned that  I love green damn  much? eh wait haven't right?
its ok la later in my next entry I would tell you guys about how crazy I am when it comes to green. my favorite shawl also green. love it!!!

Recently, I  happen to google something related to the hijab fashion that reveal from a-z about fashion diaries especially for Muslimah. I got lots of good info on how to wear hijab and shawl, what is the best dress to match with the shawl that you already selected and so on. It is great experience as I realize that those who are wearing shawl was so beautiful and I wanted to be one of the beautiful ladies :)

Hana Tajima, Yuna, and Heliza ware my the fashion icon. seriously they are very stunning! I admire Hana Tajima more because she is not only beautiful but she got her inner beauty also, her personality of course that amazed me. I love the way Hana, Yuna and Healiza wearing hijab, it  make me wonder how come they all become so pretty??  I also wanted to look as beautiful as them! hahahha sounds funny right? yet I'm being serious now ok!! ok stop laughing! hahahhahha!  (still laughing)

well then, these pictures below was freshly taken today wearing my lovely favorite shawl that I mentioned just now..

love this shawl :)

waaaa 1 of my favorite pic! taken with my classmate, puven.

candid?? ish3.. radziah and me <3

testing2 hihi


just ignore the annoying face

suddenly puven become my couple for today hahhaha!
thanx puven!

pose baby pose!

pose again!

try her best to look cute in her new shawl!!
hahhahahha! (@_@)v

ok now please tell me the truth am i look OK wearing this shawl?


  1. Hana Tajima fashion suit your physical feature well. Green & You? they're just synonymous! :)

  2. I just follow her style. she is stunning!
    well yeah! I go crazy for green..
    i'm green maniac i guess hehehe!

  3. really? *blushing*
    hehe anywy thanx :)