Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's my birthday!


Last Thursday was my lovely birthday!  gosh I'm officially 20! hehehe firstly, sorry guys I should updated my blog and  talking about this entry at Thursday itself on March 3. Due to some circumstance, I was unable to update this blog on my most important day. well so what? who cares actually? huhuhu ( I guess I'm the only girl that didn't' updated my blog on my birthday!)

ok fine we should skip that part as it would only make me demotivated again to proceed my writing! hahahaha!

I started my belated birthday with my subuh prayer since that day was a sport day I couldn't even continue my sleep as I have to prepare myself  for the event. Gosh I wished I could sleep some more!! aishhhh. At 6am my friends and I were waiting for our main transport which is IP bus to Penampang Stadium. As my comrades and I were waiting for the bus, my friends sang a lovely birthday song and they wished that I would have nice birthday one! wooowww! so nice la you guys!! Thanx guys for the birthday wishes they were too cute ok! *hugs* hihii!

I don't even ever imagine that my birthday is on the sport day! gosh am I dreaming? guess what? I do participated in marching I refuse actually at the first place but, since there are only small number of people participate, then if I not participate who else wants to join right? Guess what I went back with sunburn skin!
that's why I would always avoid something like marching because my skin is a sensitive one especially towards sunlight. A year back then I used to have an extremely skin problem especially when exposed under high sunlight.. well, I supposed my birthday started with something ugly uh? :(
After went back to the hostel, I straight away went to sleep because I was exhausted+ my skin+ my mood!!! gosh what kind of birthday with that?

After managed to recover from mix of emotions, I was able to controll myself especially my mood on my very crucial day! I was just try to calm by listening to music but its really works! hehehe I do don't want to spoil my birthday just because of these small matter.

As I referred back my wish list about things that I should and shouldn't do when turned 20, its make me wonder could they really happen? because there lots of things that I wanted to achieve like goals and target that I've set in future. Well, undeniably all those things are good enough in order to ensure that I'm in the right track. But then, I won't take these matter seriously because they were only wishes and I could only hoping for it to happen.

well I like the quote below:

yeyeh! ok I won't take myself so seriously because I knew there numerous thing that doesn't happen according our plan. But its ok as long as the things you wished for it right? I'm finally realize that i'm 20 already so, I should also change my mindset. I should think maturely. So, my own wishes on my birthday was no longer demanding all things happen according to my own plan because I'll only have to go along the flow. I 'm thankful already with things that Allah had given me. I was blessed, I still got my lovely family and luckily I still could comfortably hug both my dad and mom, they are still alive. The most important thing is I could live healthy until this age. waaaaa all those things are more that enough! from now on I shall go through all thing that happen in front of me fearlessly. yeyeh that's the spirit!!! :)

these are the presents that I got. extremely love it!!

Thanx dija and minie! :)

card from dija and minie :)

this is from my lovely friend, wanie. 

cute card! green!!! huhuhu the content also funny! thanx again wanie :)

cute right?

this sandwich is from one of my junior! thanx momon! :)
(even it is only a sandwich I do apprecite it and I also consider it as one of the presents)

P.s: Guys, thank you so much for the birthday wishes I don't care whether you said it directly or indirectly like post the birthday wish on Facebook . I do appreciate it. Thanx again :)


  1. Happy belated birthday! It still counts, doesn't it? I also face ultra sensitive skin problem. Direct exposure to sunlight is a big no-no - I might sparkle. Just kidding. It just hurts.

  2. why so late? Its not count anymore! hahaha just kidding. Anyway thanx :)

    that day I used sunblock specially for those who having sensitive skin like me, but the SPF is low that is why my skin still burn :(

  3. awwww how cute! btw happy belated bday darling:)


  4. kak Aishah Amin? wow!! this is miracle!!
    thanx kak how sweet you are :)

    p.s: btw, I love ur style kak.. keep on fighting!! :)