Monday, March 14, 2011

Secret Garden


Hi everyone! well today I would like to tell you about Secret Garden. ok is there anyone that know what actually Secret Garden?? hehehehe well actually it is one of Korean drama that I've been watched recently. guys trust me you should watch this drama ok! because for me personally, this drama is much more better than the other dramas.hahhahah! what an addiction right??

basically, this drama is about Kim Joo Woon (Hyun Bin) and Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won)
who are the main characters in this drama. Actually this drama is all about their unique very own love story. which is so funny! but its been hard for them because they are from different status. The hero portrays a perfect guy who is charming, rich and talented (aishhhh almost perfect!) but then, he is arrogant ish3. meanwhile, the heroine is a rough, poor girl that works as a stunt-women.

at first, the hero is chasing after the girl and the girl like usual la kn?  the girl must be annoy because of the guy hehehe. actually Ra Im doesn't' like Joo Won's characters as he is so arrogant and annoying sometimes. but after a strange incident happened which is both of them exchange their body (ermmm if you want to know why and how they exchange their body you should watch the drama yourself :P)  Ra Im started to love the guy awww so sweet hehe. there lots of obstacle and challenges that they went through before they manage to be together, happy ending u know!  waaaaa I like hehhehee!

for me personally, I love Joo Won's character because even through he is from a rich family and much more higher standard then Ra Im, he managed to  thhrow away his ego and accept Ra Im the way she is.. awwwww i'm so touch!!!

I love this story as there numerous things that I've learned. For example, don't ever love someone based on their appearance or status because those things would never last long but true love last forever ( hehhehe don't laugh ok!)

Moreover, guy should never make your love one suffer, please do care about their own feeling because men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Guys, women are very sensitive different from men that are more egoistic isn't it?

I love  the ost songs. most of them are really good! I love it! I think I'm addicted to this song already..
listen to this song please. so sentimental :)  triple love!!!


please do watch this drama! (persuasive tone) I bet you'll watch it over and over again!!! hahahhaa

(@_@)v peace! 


  1. i see... no wonder people like this drama... [even my brother say yes to this one!]

  2. ummi: ofcoz everyone is falling in love with this! hehe you should watch the drama k..

    abg ibrahim: oh that Taiwanese drama right? well I prefer the Korean version which is Boys over flower. :)

  3. Taiwanese? Korean? These people they look the same. Haha. As long as you're happy. :))