Friday, October 7, 2011

I've gained weight!

Hye there lovely bloggers! its been a long time isn't it?. Sorry guys it's because there are lots of things that need to be settled first. Undeniably, its been hectic months for me both September and October.

ok let's just jump to our main topic shall we? As you guys can see vividly that above title I've gained weight! 
yes I've gained weight! I'm so happy because finally my long never ever come true has already came true!!!

Before this I used to eat a lot too but now out of nowhere I finally gained weight. Actually, I hate skinny people back then. I used to dissatisfied with my "stick-figure" hahhahhaha! seriously, I hate skinny girls. Its ok to be skinny.but not that too skinny like me back then.

My friends and people around me  keep mentioning that I've gained weight. Me myself did not bother about that until I viewed my previous pictures and compare it with my recent pictures. Ok I admit it!

P/s: tak sia-sia aku makan banyak. so, moral of the story. Makanlah selalu dan anggap saja anda tak pernah makan 5 tahun. hahaha!.



  1. Eh-eh, memang bezalah tengok. Pipi pun makin tembam. :D Good for you!

  2. ummie: hahaha ya mang nampak beza. Thanx dear! :)

  3. pzul: hehe same goes here! i like it too!! :)

  4. joyce: omo! really? haha thanx dear! *hugs* :)

  5. mashallah you look much healthier in the 2nd picture :)

  6. hehehe yup couldn't agree more..thanx 4 da visit btw :)