Monday, August 1, 2011

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

It's the first day of fasting month. I ate some biscuits and chocolate for my Sahur. There are the only things left I guess. I started day with my Subuh pray, as I was too lazy to wait for subuh I missed it actually. By the time I awake only then I pray ( lazy isn't it huh!). The first day of Ramadhan  makes me thinking about my own life.  Seriously, I didn't even realize how time flies so fast lately.

I din't even realize how big I am now. I noticed that lots of blessed events takes place, lovely hangouts and even my ups and down during these time around. I didn't even realize how immature myself during my hard and tough times. How did I ever managed to face the obstacles? funny isn't it?  Sometimes, I'm just too cool when everyone was in their max. tense. Sometimes, I tend to hurt others when I stressed out! Dear me, why are you acting such kind of fool? have you even consider about the things around you? My gosh! you have to change! You should have listened to the others. Please think about the others especially your parents, family and lovely friends.

Dear me, you should learn to be patient. Just be patient. you know right you're not type of girl. But yeah you should try. Its not that you should change drastically but just learn slowly ok?

Dear me, You're 20 years old already, please at least change a bit your behavior and the way you talk to people. Some people said you're kinda rude because when you're talking people think that you're rude just because that is your real voice tone. take note! you should improve on that ok?

Dear me, please don't waste your money. Don't get fool with the cute and gorgeous stuff and cloth. Save some money ok!

Dear me, please don't soooo lazy! please solat and do your works on time. Don't procrastinate ok!

Dear me, please stop thinking about unimportant things. Don't over-thinking about certain that is not crucial at all. Just leave that thing behind. Just let it be.

Alhamdulilah. Ramadhan makes me thinking how immature I'm back then. I promise I'll change. There's no immature me in future. Wish me luck Diary!

p.s: this entry was supposed posted yesterday. Ya I know I'm freaking Incredibly lazy! +_+!


  1. Our dear Ida is growing up *sobs*

  2. 20 years. I wish to get back and fix everything.

  3. Dora: heee matured ba dora. Don't want to be childish anymore. wish me luck k syg! :)

  4. Abg im: at least you are still in your twenties right? You are not that old anyway :)

  5. Good luck~! You had come a long way :D proud of you! Muaxxx <3

  6. Thanx dora syg! Hee you are so sweet dear! thanx again! I do appreciate it! muahhhhhh! <3