Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 4: My views on religion

Hi dear readers!

I was born as Moslem. so it is obviously I do believe in my own religion. For me personally, I do believe that religion is one of the crucial thing. Thus, religion is one of the basic things in our life. Religion would guides us to the right path towards our journey and voyage in his world. Meaning to say that, it helps us to mould our character based on rules that have been stated earlier. Without religion it is impossible to achieve a good and healthy life physically, emotionally, spiritually and emotionally.

As for me, I'm lucky because I was born in Islam. I'm lucky because I'm not born as Atheist whom someone that has no religion and not believe there is God at all. Alhamdulilah, I'm a moslem and I'm proud of it :)

Frankly speaking, I'm not that expert when it comes to Islam. there lots of knowledge about Islam that I should discover more.

I hope one fine day I could be such an obedient wife and a great mom. I hope so. Amin...


  1. While it's true that an atheist doesn't believe in any religion, it doesn't mean that s/he don't believe in GOD at all. They do believe in Him, however, atheists find religious doctrines as unreliable (human made), complicated (too many rituals, principles), and money-driven (they detest people make money out of religion).

    Thus, they hold that a state of enlightenment can be attained by self discovery (rather than being shoved down the throat, just like religions).

  2. waaaa thanx abg im for the info. hehe i do appreciate it! thanx again :)

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